Do You Want to Start an Ankara Print Clothing Business?

African apparel manufacturers are known for producing cultural and traditional prints on fabric. The method is an ancient batik, wax print technique, resulting in Ankara fabric boasting colorful African tribal designs. Sarauniya partners with brands to produce wax-print fashions. We work with small to medium-sized enterprises to take their visions from idea to execution. As African apparel manufacturers, we're well-versed in design using tribal motifs. If you want to start Ankara print clothing business, take a look at our Ankara fabric.

As African apparel manufacturers, our goal is to provide exceptional and cost-effective clothing services. Our transparent supply chain offers competitive wages and consistent work for vulnerable populations. Our authentic African apparel manufacturers benefit from increased exportation as African wax print clothing gains its place in the billion-dollar apparel industry. If you want to start Ankara print clothing business, this is your chance for you to be part of this movement by offering authentic Afrocentric clothing. This versatile fabric works beautifully for clothing manufacturing as well as headwraps, handbags, shoes, and more.

Are you searching for African apparel manufacturers? Maybe you're looking for beautiful Ankara fabric in African tribal motifs. Or perhaps you have your own designs in mind. If you would like samples as you're planning your new clothing line, we can send the sample items we have on hand at no cost to you. Or, you can order paid for samples of your designs. If you decide to move forward with your custom design, you'll receive 10 percent off your production cost.


Are you ready to start your Ankara print clothing business?Imagine opening an online boutique or cute little Afro-centric dress shop in your neighborhood. You don't want to order those authentic items from China, like so many others. Instead, if you work with Sarauniya, you have partners who are experts in African apparel. Shipping takes seven to ten days from our production house in Accra, Ghana. Contact us today to get started.