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Do You Want to Start an African Print Clothing Business

Do you want to start an African print clothing business? Here at Sarauniya, we manufacture clothes in Africa using traditional Batik wax relief. These bright, bold prints on fabric are what you're searching for if you want to manufacture clothes in Africa. At Sarauniya, we partner with brands to manufacture both traditional and custom wax-print fashions. 

Imagine opening your dream dress shop in your neighborhood. Or you could build a complete online store. Either way, if you are going to start an African print clothing business, you want to manufacture clothes in Africa with folks you can trust to produce African-inspired clothing that will delight your customers. So many boutiques order cheap knock-offs from China. If you work with Sarauniya, you can be proud of your fashion line and develop a lasting relationship with our producers in Accra, Ghana. It's a process that all starts with a phone call where we'll get to know each other and discuss what you have in mind for your brand. Then you'll send us photos of your designs and select your fabric. It takes approximately six weeks to produce an order and seven to ten days to ship.

If you want to start an African print clothing business, let Sarauniya be your go-to source. We guarantee exceptional services when you manufacture clothes in Africa. The gorgeous wax print fabric is a versatile textile to use in all kinds of clothing and accessory production. Are you looking for beautiful Ankara fabric in African tribal motifs? Perhaps you have your own designs in mind. Either way, if you'd like samples, we can send items we have on hand at no cost to you. Alternatively, order samples of your custom designs and get 10 percent off your production cost if you decide to place an order. Contact Sarauniya today to get started.

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