Clothing Manufacturers: Custom Face Masks

It may be that our new normal will include face masks for the unforeseeable future. If you do a quick search online, you'll see that facemasks are quickly becoming incorporated into everyday fashion. Much like traditional African clothing, it's not unusual to see someone wearing a face mask that reflects their personality or ancestry. The truth is that social distancing and wearing a face mask are likely to be a permanent part of our future. It's no wonder that clothing manufacturers all have a line of facemasks available for their customers. If you are looking for an Ankara print clothing manufacturer to help manufacture face masks for your business, contact Sarauniya. 

Here at Sarauniya, we are an Ankara print clothing manufacturer providing, both, traditional and custom African apparel using authentic hand made fabrics. Not only can we provide you with face masks, but we can also provide tote bags, headwraps, dresses, tops, pillow cases and so much more. If you want to start an African print brand, you will be happy to know that Sarauniya takes pleasure in partnering with small to medium businesses and helping them take their visions from idea to execution. Ordering from Sarauniya to help start your African print brand is as easy as a phone call to get started. Do you want to produce face masks in African tribal motifs? Maybe you'd like to use your own designs. You can produce 50 face masks to start for only $250, including the fabric and shipping costs. Contact us today if you are in need of a dependable Ankara print clothing manufacturer.